“Customer Loyalty”

“Get Cash Now”


  1. Conditions of participation
  2. When the customer agrees to join and create USER ACCOUNT on web system:, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the terms and binding conditions, which is considered as the agreement between two Parties on the established conditions (Content agreed in section I.b).
  3. Binding Conditions between Parties
  4. Purchase.
  5. The buyer agrees to buy, the seller agrees to sell the product.
  6. The buyer has received the goods and fully checked the quantity, quality and signed for confirmation.
  7. Payment.
  8. 100% of the purchase has been paid.
  9. Return goods.
  10. There is no return or exchange request.
  11. Warranty.
  12. There are no products in the warranty period.
  13. Resolve Complaints
  14. The product is not in complaint process
  15. Invoice
  16. Invoices have been issued upon request. Unless the customer refuses to take invoices.
  17. Copyright
  18. Do not sell counterfeit goods.
  19. VDS will refuse to pay rewards for copyright infringement cases
  20. Scoring Instructions.

Details will be sent to your email after registering for the Program.

  1. Applicable conditions: customers who have registered an account on and are granted a transaction customer code. And as an agent, a direct buyer from Vien Dong Company.
  2. Customers can use the code or name to log in on WEB system or use in online or offline purchases.

III. Extra bonus points:

  1. Agents which use the company’s website, or use E-Commerce Website such as shoppee, lazada, tiki, sendo to sell the company’s products: add bonus points, detailed in Section II with the following conditions:
  2. Posting pictures of authentic products, specifications, and origin attached. Updating regularly.
  3. There is the website link and e-commerce websites in the registration file.
  4. The fee for receiving bonus via bank is borne by the customer.
  5. How to convert bonus points to cash.
  6. Details in the customer profile.
  7. Time of payment.
  8. Pay in Cash (VND)
  9. A customer service will contact you from the time you create USER until bonus payment is completed.
  10. The minimum bonus payment time is 30 days and maximum is 60 days, from the bonus calculation day
  11. Payment method: Bank Transfer.
  12. The customer’s scoring system will be updated regularly between 10th – 20th of the following months.
  13. Instructions agents and customers to open accounts on the WEB system:

– By scanning the following QR code:

– VDS will automatically provide a customer code and send an email confirming registration is completed.

– VDS will contact you to confirm the registered information.

– Support information about bonus calculation and payment:

– Urgent information related to the account, please contact:

VII. System update.

  1. The customer’s scoring system will be regularly updated monthly or earlier, from 1st to 15th of the following month.
  2. Except for special cases that are in the process such as revenue processing, handling exchange and return of goods, etc. Others.